The Difference Between Win or Lose

A fraction of a second can determine personal records and championships. Therefore speed is our focus – in all areas of modern training.

We help Athletes improve their:
  • Acceleration
  • Explosiveness
  • Jumping Ability
  • Reaction Time
  • Change of Direction Ability
Tanner Speed - Win or Lose
Our Approach
Tanner Speed - Win or Lose

Accurate Evaluation
and Analysis

With high-tech equipment such as TMG muscle diagnostic, high speed video assisted running style analysis and speed tests we optimize the training at each stage and in each age group. We use these accurate test results, detailed analyses and specific exercises to make you reach your goals.

  • SpeedCourt
  • TMG
  • Beam Trainer

Training for Elite, Rehab and Fitness for all Age Groups

Running Coordination

The purpose is to teach the brain and the nervous system to activate the muscles in the right way at the right moment


The average sprint distance for example in football is 17m. 50% of the sprints are less than 10m. Acceleration is the key to success in team sports

Intermuscular Coordination

A high frequency of strides makes for faster acceleration. All muscles involved must be working together

Athletic Development

Athletes participate in physical conditioning that helps reduce the risk of injury to ensure on-going participation in long-term programs

Long-term Motivation

Health and wellbeing of the athlete will always be central to our long-term athletic development programs

Coaching Quality

We work with highly qualified professionals and a sound pedagogical approach. Both are fundamental to the success of long-term athletic development

About us

Over 30 Years
of Coaching Experience

We have developed a supreme concept to develop the running skills which are necessary for success in today’s high speed sports like football, handball, basketball, tennis and others.

Carsten - Tanner Speed Academy

Carsten Effertz

CEO/Owner Tanner Speed Academy

Regarded as one of the best Speed Coaches in team sports in Europe, Carsten holds a degree in training science and joined several courses of different areas of strength and conditioning to be always up to date on a scientific level.

Presenter at coach congress and coach licenses courses on international level for several Football and Coach associations such as BDFL (Germany) ÖFB, NÖFV, SFV, KFV (Austria), NZS (Slovenia), FLF (Luxemburg), AFC (Asian Football Confederation), GFF and VFF (Sweden)

Hans Tanner - Tanner Speed Academy

Hans Tanner

Founder Tanner Speed

In his 15 years as FC Zurich academy’s coordination and running coach from 1994 to 2008, Hans Tanner developed the Tanner Speed concept. This concept is today part of the Swiss football coach license.

Before he was the responsible head coach for the Swiss national high jumping team at the Olympics 1980/1984. Hans best work was with high jumper Roland Dahlhäuser who he coached to jump 2.31 m and finish 5th place at the Olympics in 1980.

Our Facilities

The Most Modern Sports Facility
in Scandinavia

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We are based in the Prioritet Serneke Arena in Göteborg.  Scandinavia‘s largest multisportcomplex. The arena is unique in its kind including a skiing facility indoors with a full-sized football pitch, sports halls, gym, rehabilitation clinic, sports shop, a hotel and restaurant.

Prioritet Serneke Arena is the natural venue for everyone passionate in sports, health and culture. The perfect location for us to offer a broad range of services to both elite athletes and young rising talents from various age groups.

The SpeedCourt

The Most Advanced Speed And
Agility Training System In The World!

No other training system helps you to speed up your movements, improve your reaction times and sharpen your skill to anticipate challenging situations in your sport like the SpeedCourt!

Become The Fastest Player, You Can Be!

We are able to offer our athletes the most advanced speed training system in the world, the SpeedCourt.

SpeedCourt training is suitable for athletes of all age groups and skill level. For further Information just get in touch with us and take part in a SpeedCourt training session at our facilities at the Serneke Arena!

More About the SpeedCourt
Tanner Speed Academy - SpeedCourt Training Tanner Speed Academy - SpeedCourt Training
Our Training

Athletic Development

We approach every training with a creative mind, innovative exercises and the ability to detect the athlete’s needs for their sport!

Tanner Speed

Running Analysis

Running analysis with high a speed camera system

The right running economy and pattern are important. After a detailed analysis, the running economy can be improved by 5-25%

Fitlight Training

Fitlight© Test

Improve reaction time, speed, agility and coordination

We evaluate the hand -eye coordination and speed as well as cognitive capacity

TMG Muscle Screening

Muscle Screening

Optimize speed, explosiveness, endurance and flexiblity

With TMG™ we can clearly identify muscle pair asymmetry and asynchronous action in the kinetic chain.

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